Who Are We Anyway?

In 1987, fresh out of college Steve and Lisa St. Pierre opened Once Upon A Toy, a tiny retail toy store in the suburban town of Edwardsville, IL. As anyone in retail knows, the heart of a successful business is SERVING people. After 18 years and 3 stores later, Steve and Lisa felt a call to take this commitment to serving much deeper. In 2006, we sold the business and moved our family into the inner city of St. Louis, and began working with New city Fellowship / Restore St. Louis, a church and network of ministries which address the physical, relational and emotional needs of those in the heart of a very broken place.

In 2017, we once again felt called to move forward in this desire for deep reconciliation ... taking what we learned from owning retail stores, and pairing it with our experiences with NCF / Restore St. Louis, the idea for Have a Cow Cattle Co. was born.  With no farming experience, we purchased a 180-acre farm in Owensville MO, bought about 12 cows and began the steep learning curve of becoming overnight farmers.  At the same time, plans were drawn up for the Cafe & Urban Farm Store and construction began. 

HAC steer head.png

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