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Have a Cow Cattle Company

love coffee - love burgers - love your enemy

Usually people say, “Don’t have a cow!”  (meaning,  don't get all crazy about something!) But we want you to “Have A Cow” - we want you to  be crazy for something, and we want that something to be about righting the wrongs of injustice. 

Have A Cow Cattle Company, LLC was born out of a desire to address the overarching need in our country for reconciliation - racially, socioeconomically, between genders … really, any difference we separate around.  We seek to develop a business model that fosters the notion among both its employees and customers to love and serve one another, EVEN ENEMIES.  


So, how do you love your enemy?  Well, on a basic level we are asking both our employees and customers to “Have A Cow,” that is, do something crazy, even lay your life down to bring true good and healing to folks, including your enemy!  That’s CRAZY, yet we believe that is exactly what’s needed.  When you see someone hungry, thirsty, lonely, naked, sick, in prison…, lay your life down to bring them healing.  In St. Louis, as in many areas of the country and world, the disparity and separation (economic, social, geographical …) between the “haves” and the “have not's” is HUGE!  We hope to foster an environment in our business that calls both sides of the coin to love one another.

So, how can YOU have a cow right along with us?  When you visit Have A Cow we ask that you simply treat our employees and other customers with love, respect and dignity, even though they may be from a very different background than yours!  

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